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ATypI endorsement policy

The Association‘s policy on endorsing events, together with an application for endorsement which can be submitted by any member.

1 Definition

Endorsement of an event by ATypI indicates that the organization considers the event to be of considerable value to the artistic and technical progress of the type design discipline, community and industry. An ATypI Endorsement is an extraordinary statement of approval and/or support for the stated goals of an event that furthers the professional interests of the field of type design and/or typography.

2 Expression

The endorsement's primary expression is the presence of the ATypI logo and the statement "Endorsed by the Association Typographique Internationale" in the branding, marketing material and venue displays of the event. Information on the activities of ATypI should be offered to the participants in the events endorsed by the Association. If possible, ATypI members attending the event should receive a discount on fees, if the event is charging for participation.

3. Objects of endorsement

Events and activities endorsed by ATypI should be consistent with the mission, the goals, and the policies of the Association. Conferences, workshops and other events that, in the opinion of the ATypI Board of Directors, make a contribution that is considerable and broad in scope to the field of type design, typography and typographic technology may be considered.

4 Determination

When an application for endorsement is received, the application is forwarded, by the appropriate ATypI Country Delegate or any member of the Association, to the Board of Directors along with attendant supporting information; if the application comes via an Atypi Country Delegate, he/she will add any misgivings, concerns and opinions, or recommendations for approval. The Board of Directors votes subsequently on granting endorsement to the event, usually within 5 business days. A decision will be made based on the majority of those Board members that voted.

5. How to apply

Applicants or Country Delegates will use the ‘Ask for ATypI endorsement’ form (accessible to logged-in members).