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Yin Qiu

Qiu Yin was born in October 1962.

He is the Development Director of Founder Font. His other achievements include:
- Original designer of “FZ-YouHei”and “FZ-DaWei”
- Emblem font designer of the 2010 GuangZhou Asian Games
- Use to win special prize of Chinese pen calligraphy competition
- First prize at the first international hard-pen calligraphy competition
- First prize of the 5th “Founder Award”Chinese font design competition.

His publishing achievements include:
《ChouYin Pen writing》, 《ChouYin write foreign poem》, 《Pen writing ancient calligraphy》, 《Pen writing Lei Feng’s diary》, 《pen writing famous foreign poem》, 《Copybook of famous words of advice》and many other pen writing copybooks.

Exhibitions of his works include:
- “GDC13-Chinese character 24 hours” design exhibition
- the 2nd “CangJieBei” international Chinese character art exhibition.
- Chinese Brand designer of “2012 Milan New Chinese Design and innovation”.

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