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Local supporters

We're happy to be working with Icelandic design organisations and to welcome their members to our conference.


FÍT (Association of Icelandic Graphic Designers) was founded in 1953 and has about 350 members as of 2011. FÍT is a non-profit organisation for individuals dedicated to graphic design. The organisations main goals is to promote the field, both within it's member base as well as for non-members. Providing guidance to it's members as well as organising design events, competitions, conferences and lectures, and spreading information to it's members are the core activities of the organization. FÍT also hosts an annual design competition and publishes regular journals to it's members.


Iceland Design Centre

The purpose of the Iceland Design Centre is to achieve more appreciation of the importance of good design and architecture for society. Its role is to promote design of all kinds as a vital and profitable aspect of the Icelandic economy, and thus to enhance competitiveness and economic gain.


Aurora small

The Aurora Design Fund is a three year experimental project aimed at reinforcing Icelandic design by providing designers and architects with financial support. The aim of the Fund is to support designers in promoting themselves, their ideas, products and projects and to assist with product development and marketing, in Iceland and abroad. The Fund can also initiate independent projects that further its aim, such as sponsoring awards or exhibitions and acting as a forum for collaboration between designers and businesses. In addition, the Fund imparts knowledge in the area of design and architecture, in collaboration with various parties in the field. The Aurora Design Fund is therefore intended as support for promising designers, fortification of the grassroots and a forum for ideas and creative thinking within the field.

Iceland Academy of the Arts

The Iceland Academy of the Arts is a self-governing institution providing higher education in fine arts, theatre, music, design, architecture and art education.