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Reading Albert Kapr

When Sun 18 Sep 1300
Where Track 1
What Presentation
Who Daniel Reynolds

Albert Kapr (1918–1995) was a prominent German calligrapher and typographer during the second half of the 20th century, particularly in the former GDR. Although his writing, like that of many German-language practitioners of his time, is sparsely available in English, foreign audiences searching for a greater understanding of the central European book trade in the recent past could view Kapr as a starting point.

An exponent of book production concepts born out of material restrictions in the old Eastern block, his typography could offer solutions for today. Current practices – driven by changes in the publishing market in light of increasing print-on-demand and other means of automation – foretell a situation he began preparing for during the 1970s.

Reading Albert Kapr’s prolific body of work brings further insight into the West’s social-political history of the last 60 years, and uncovers a country’s fill of typefaces and lettering styles that fell into disuse after 1989.

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