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The Minion Math project

When Thu 15 Sep 1620
Where Track 1
What Presentation
Who Johannes Kuester

The "Minion Math" fonts are an extension of the well-known Adobe Minion font family (designed by Robert Slimbach) for
typesetting mathematics and physics.

I started working on this project in 2002, but the fonts are still work-in-progress (as there are still many additional glyphs which I wish to include).

The fonts are unique in many respects:Conceived on a grand scale, the fonts fully support four weights and five optical sizes, thus offering typographic possibilities not available with any other math font.

In the design, I aimed at completeness (the fonts will offer complete support of Unicode math, with variants and additions, historical mathematical symbols, etc.), and I aimed at very high consistency through all symbols and through all weights and sizes.

This was facilitated on the technical side by my unusual approach to font development: for the most part I programmed the fonts (in a MetaFont-like language), using graphical tools only for proofing and testing.

In this presentation, I will talk about the design principles for Minion Math, and the design decisions I took. Also I will talk about technical and organisational aspects of such a large project, and the problems and difficulties I encountered.

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