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ATypI Amsterdam

57th annual conference of Association Typographique Internationale, 9–13 October 2013 at the NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam

The 2013 ATypI conference is being held in Amsterdam on 9–13 October. The venue is the NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, in the very heart of the city on the Dam square: the spot where the dam on the Amstel river gave Amsterdam its name. The city has been at the center of typographic development since the 17th century, and the Netherlands has been the source of many of the innovative designs of the digital era.

This year’s conference takes its theme, “Point Counter Point,” from an early form of polyphony in music, in which multiple melodies combine to build a composition; this interplay of point and counter point also embodies the way visual communication is created and perceived, and it reflects the back-and-forth dialogue that characterizes so much of Dutch cultural history. The conference programme too reflects this diversity of ideas, not only delving into the history of type and typography in the world’s languages but grappling with the problems and opportunities of the constantly evolving technology of communication. In this spirit, we chose British design critic Alice Rawsthorn and Dutch designer Petr van Blokland as our keynote speakers.

The first two days of the conference are devoted to two tracks of programming, with close focus on specific techniques and ideas, plus workshops; the final three days have a single track with a wide-ranging span of design subjects. In total, more than 80 speakers will be heard in the course of this full five-day programme, which also includes evening events.

ATypI’s conference combines business, education, and the annual renewal of the international typographic community, so we invite you to be part of it. Please check the links on the right or here for registration, the full programmes of presentations and other activities, airfare and accommodation discounts, and sponsorship.