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Technology designed for Arabic

When Wed 09 Oct 1125
Where Krasnapolsky B
What Technology
Who Mirjam Somers

The focus will be on the cascading connections of the various Arabic script styles following the rules of their respective script grammars. Samples will be shown of the every-day use of the cascading scripts, of the minor and major Persian-Pakistani contrasts in the nastaliq style, of the difference between DT Ruqah 1985 and DT Ruqah 2011, of the difference between DT Emiri and DT Naskh. The technology that made all these typefaces possible is the core business of DecoType. The implementation by WinSoft into Adobe InDesign of all these typeface features resulted in the well-known user interface Tasmeem, the only professional typesetting tool that handles Arabic text in its full width and breadth.

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