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Chilam Balam de Ixil.

A case of study
When Thu 10 Oct 1150
Where Krasnapolsky B
What History/Education
Who Leonardo Vazquez

The Chilam Balam from Ixil, is a maya book facsimile, that has been published for the first time. It has a transcription of maya text and a translation to spanish. The book is important because of its topic, and because it was composed with a typeface made for maya called "mayathan" this typeface was designed before the opentype era. Because of the complexity of the text, and the characteristics of the book it was very complex designing it. At the end the book is beautiful and sucessfull in the specialized circles. There are several thoughts from this experience: • The importance of designing typefaces for oral languages as a way of spreading their culture. • For the maya, having a well designed and well programmed typeface, would help to standarize the use of a single typeface internationally within the specialized circles. • The need for research, fund and promote near cultural institutions, typography for educational and cientific purposes. These are some of the topics I would like to talk about.

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