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The joy of cooking:

Abstract recipes and design patterns in typography
When Thu 10 Oct 1535
Where Krasnapolsky A
What Science/Assessment
Who Rob McKaughan

Many people attempt typographic design as though it were a recipe in a cookbook. Ingredients: two fonts and a supply of words. Directions: arrange words in lines of 60-75 words, set at 12 point, with appropriate leading. Repeat until out of words. Serve warm. Makes infinite servings. Of course, this doesn't work. Look around the internet, and you'll find many examples of bad typography that follow this recipe. A recipe does not consider the context of the document and the relationships between design elements. Great typography arises from the designer's skill in creating design relationships that serve the document's context. To create more great typography, we must document the skill of expert designers to enable young designers to act expertly before they become experts. Pattern languages have been successful in doing exactly this in several design fields. This talk reviews the possibilities for using pattern languages in typography and typeface.

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