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Type Record –

A Universal Database for Analog and Digital Typeface
When Sun 13 Oct 1050
Where Krasnapolsky A
What Typography
Who Indra Kupferschmid, Nick Sherman

Type Record is a new platform for cataloging and researching analog and digital type. It stores and provides information and images of typefaces on various levels – from a general overview over a genre to very detailed information about an individual font. A record can represent an entire type series, a family, a style, or just one particular glyph (sort). These entries are structured in a range of specificity from generic Masters, to specific Versions from a manufacturer, and even unique Instances housed in a certain collection. In this way, Type Record assists interested designer, researcher, as well as printers and institutions in cataloging their physical collections. (We are already talking to the Hamilton Woodtype Museum, the Rob Roy Kelly Collection, and other collections and museums.) By documenting the various incarnations of historical typefaces throughout their transition from foundry type, hot metal, photo type to digital revivals, as well as versions of different manufacturers, type history (and technology) can be more easily traced, and differences become visible. At the same time, contemporary digital typefaces are cataloged, tagged by features, genres, linked to related or similar entries, and thereby assist designers in finding and selecting current typefaces. Each record can contain the following information: • Type specimens • Detailed credits • Dates and locations • Naming variations • Detailed format information • Distribution and availability • Related type records • Articles, notes and comments, etc. The ability to include footnotes and references on every information in the record allows for proper citation whenever possible. Type Record is an independent project by Indra Kupferschmid and Nick Sherman. Hans Reichardt provided his database and additional documents (cf. Klingspor Museum website, By integrating it into Type Record, we want to make this unparalleled, valuable information more accessible and searchable.

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