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text typography for a flexible medium
When Sun 13 Oct 1200
Where Krasnapolsky A
What Typography
Who John D Berry

Designing a readable page of text is about texture, spacing, and proportion. In print, this is a fixed page; on the screen, it’s a flexible, changeable “page” that demands constant adaptation and innovation. Designing within these constraints is like Ginger Rogers dancing with Fred Astaire: she did everything he did, but backwards and in high heels.

We need new, sophisticated typographic tools to do the job adequately. Good screen fonts are only the beginning; that’s just the equivalent of putting ink on paper. What’s important is how they’re used: typography. What are the principles and strategies that we’re going to need for creating readable e-books and e-periodicals? How do you apply the rules of thumb of good typography to this flexible medium? What will our new design tools need to do? And who will create them?

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