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The Long Path towards Parametric Model of Chinese Type

When Wed 12 Sep 1010
Where AP Hogeschool
What Track 1
Who Xuan Zhang, Huaijing Leng, Shensheng Wen
The Chinese script, as an ideographic writing system, is used by a large proportion of the world’s population. Over the centuries, its large character set has been the biggest issue facing type makers. In this presentation, different historical methods of production of Chinese type will be covered. ATypI Antwerp is the right moment to introduce the latest progress on a parameterized design model for Chinese. Various methods of Chinese type casting have been attempted. This talk will therefore consist of three main parts: 1) Designing with Components: the “Six Writing” theory of Chinese classification illustrates the simple logic behind the complicated shapes of Chinese characters, which gives out the possibility of speeding up the type casting process, either in physical form or in digital type; 2) Designing with Handwriting: Research on handwriting recognition and auto-generation will be mentioned, though it is not a main workflow; 3) Designing with a Parametric Model (Prototype): Inspired by MetaFont, but developed into a practical production stage with detailed control methods for the Chinese character skeleton, strokes, and structural-adjustment algorithm.

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