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Steal this typography

Global lessons from Linux OpenType development
When Wed 12 Sep 1120
Where AP Hogeschool
What Track 1
Who Nathan Willis
Linux desktop systems effectively got variable-font support for free by virtue of sharing core software components with major web browsers. Thus, Linux software developers have spent considerably more time working on variable-font UI concepts, packaging, and documentation. This talk will present recent progress modernizing OpenType interfaces, packaging, and system integration on Linux, distilling lessons and caveats useful to anyone working on similar challenges plus advice for font publishers. The specifics covered include previewing Variable Font and OpenType features in font-selection tools, integrating font documentation with system-wide help frameworks, and providing access to specimen books, microsites, design information, and license details to users through any application they choose. Two case studies highlight how the design process uncovered better ways to expose features and information to users: rethinking the font-management workflow with an eye towards putting metadata first and rethinking font packaging with document designers in mind. Some of the examples discussed are cross-platform, some specific to Linux and useful as object lessons. Takeaways for type designers and font retailers include delivering downloadable font packages with more easily discovered features and documentation and how extended OpenType tables can present more accurate, useful metadata about typefaces to users.

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