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Evolution of digital typographic needs

When Wed 12 Sep 1140
Where AP Hogeschool
What Track 1
Who Vinod Balakrishnan
This presentation will cover how user needs have evolved over the last 25 years with digital typography for Adobe products, showing how Adobe product features have evolved around type rasterization, layout, font formats, etc. Since the mid-1990s, Adobe’s customer base has moved from print to web and mobile. As we moved along, Adobe products have maintained many of their legacy type features, mainly in order please our traditional customers, although some of the legacy features got a revived interface and implementation. But lately, the widespread adoption of high-DPI mobile devices, with its connectivity and limited memory footprint, has influenced how we look at the type feature set for such devices. Apart from the technology changes, new-generation designers and social-media influence have demanded a new way to look at some of our legacy features. The presenter is going to cover some of the interesting user trends and how user feedback has influenced these decisions. This presentation will be helpful to both type designers and graphic artists interested in digital typography.

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