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Between dreams and crises

Designing Arabic type outside the mainstream
When Wed 12 Sep 1530
Where AP Hogeschool
What Track 1
Who Lara Captan
Type designers are mainly users of technology and interpreters of existing principles & theories governing typographic creation. In the case of scripts such as Arabic, hardly any type design fundamentals have been observed, documented, or critically assessed, and text computing remains tailor-made for Latin. In such an environment: How does the Arabic type designer make informed decisions? How is quality evaluated? At what point is it necessary for the designer to become an inventor? At the beginning of her career, Lara thought: “I have a responsibility towards my cultural heritage and towards the quality of my own work; what can I do about the state of Arabic type?” Throughout her life’s work and collaborations, Lara has been dedicated to experimenting with building unbuilt bridges between the Arabic script tradition and Arabic type design, playing back and forth with aspects of aesthetics, aspects of technology, and their intersections. In her talk, Lara will exhibit the methods, potential, and challenges of working within an alternative pathway towards making Arabic type and questioning whether or not it is viable or a far too idealistic endeavor.

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