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Embrace uncomfortable

Some ideas about conventions, practices, and education in typeface design
When Wed 12 Sep 1710
Where AP Hogeschool
What Track 1
Who Julian Moncada Tobar
The development of typefaces and typography has commonly been framed within the ideals and technologies of modernity. Concepts like consistency, efficiency, or unity have thus become the commanding goals and points of reference for the creation of many typefaces. Understandably such concepts have also helped give shape to our understanding of what a typeface should look like. The fact that they are accessible ideas, almost quantifiable, makes them adequate tools for education, as well as compelling arguments for discussion, evaluation, promotion, and sales. This presentation aims to consider some of the ways in which these concepts, once they become ever-present, can grow into obstacles for a developing discipline. With the help of our field’s history, and with a window into other disciplines, the intent is to consider different episodes that can help us see the value in alternative methodologies, or examine why professionals and students shouldn’t always force themselves into being guided by one restricted set of precepts. Perhaps we will find that an inquiring attitude towards what we consider necessary and essential could enhance our ability to conceive intelligent and purposeful products, especially if we wish to further the relevance of typeface design in the broader cultural context.

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