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Vox pop

Typographic voices of protest and persuasion
When Wed 12 Sep 1510
Where AP Hogeschool
What Track 1
Who Gloria Kondrup
“From typographic and visual poster campaigns for World War I, to anti-Vietnam pamphlets and posters in the ’60s, to hand-drawn paint-splashed posters at current-day protests in support of women, immigrants, people of color, LGBTQ communities, and the environment, to social media-driven viral memes, the intersection between typography, design, social movements, news, and politics is constantly shifting.” – Solvej Schou The language and words we use are significant to how we define ourselves and can impact how an issue is conveyed. Typographic form gives voice to meaning. In these political times we have become more aware of how we speak to the truth and get messaging out. Typography is the clothing that words wear and can empower communication. VOX POP: Typographic Voices of Protest and Persuasion is an overview, originally presented by the HMCT through a series of symposia and dialogues that examine issues such as feminism, racism, gender equality, war, and immigration. Included are works by Barbara Kruger, Sister Corita Kent, David Hill, Abram Games, Emory Douglas [Black Panthers], Amos Kennedy, and Robbie Conal. None

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