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Reinventing commemorative design

When Wed 12 Sep 1200
Where AP Hogeschool 2
What Track 2
Who Daria Petrova
Throughout human history there have always been specific religious and cultural rules for commemorating our dead. Today, designers in all fields draw inspiration from old grave markers and monuments, collecting, sharing, reinterpreting, and reusing their discoveries in all areas of design. But why do modern technologies and design trends so rarely influence our contemporary culture of commemoration? Why is so little thought given to the grave marker itself, even to those of famous artists and designers? Based on various existing death-positive movements – in the lay community, among sociologists, or medical professionals – I want to use graphic design to approach death as a more accepted and less taboo part of life. The presentation will trace the relationship – or frequent lack thereof – between design and commemoration based on historical cemetery cultures. The second part of my talk will suggest how we can learn from the past to invigorate the neglected field of commemorative design. I will consider aesthetic aspects, but also give an overview of practical specifications and rules, in order to bridge the gap between the design world and the funeral business.

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