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How to rethink the typeface family in the context of the market

When Wed 12 Sep 1430
Where AP Hogeschool 2
What Track 2
Who Joana Correia
The concept of typeface family has been challenged several times in history. Nowadays we start to see different approaches to what a typeface family can be. We will reflect on the type family from a designer’s point of view but also from the market point of view. We will look into on how the market and the design trends influence many design decisions. We will analyze examples of different takes on the typeface family today. Technology has provided us with new tools and possibilities on how to produce a typeface family. The software allows us to use the Multiple Master technology and form families with eight masters efficiently, and now with the new Variable Font format, we can go further in the concept of axes and variations. But just because we are allowed to create superfamilies, this does not mean that this is the best solution every time. We will look into new ways to think about a typeface family and what kind of questions one should ask before starting a project. In conclusion, we are looking for ways to be more in tune with the user and the market when designing a new typeface.

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