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Adidas variable fonts

When Wed 12 Sep 1450
Where AP Hogeschool 2
What Track 2
Who Jeremy Mickel, Leon Imas
Variable Fonts show great promise for the future of typography, but have had few commercial applications. This is likely due to limited support in design programs, confusion about how the format can be used, and typical lag between the introduction of new technology and widespread adoption. Adidas has partnered with MCKL to create an innovative suite of variable fonts. These fonts are being used across a wide spectrum of applications, including Creative Direction, Product Design, Graphics, Communications, Digital Experiences, and the brand campaign for the upcoming World Cup. MCKL founder Jeremy Mickel will tell the story of his long collaboration with Adidas, which started in 2012 and includes the 2015 expansion of the Adineue PRO family. In 2017 they started the first Adidas Variable Font, Adineue CHOP variable: an octagonal “athletic” sans in a wide range of weights from hairline to black, and widths from extra-condensed to extra-wide. The next iteration of the project includes Adineue PRO variable, based on the geometric Adidas brand font. This talk will include discussion of the design process behind collaborating with Adidas, the production headaches and surprises associated with new technology, and the final payoff of seeing the fonts used in exciting ways.

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