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Francisco Madureira

An ingenious pioneer of type design in the nineteenth-century Brazilian Province of Gram-Pará
When Wed 12 Sep 1650
Where AP Hogeschool 2
What Track 2
Who Fernanda Martins, Edna Lucia Cunha Lima
Printing authorization in Brazil was granted only after the arrival of the Portuguese royal family in 1808, with the installation of the Royal Press in Rio de Janeiro. João Francisco Madureira built “from zero” a complete type shop in 1821 and printed some material for the government “only by seeing pictures prints of it,” as he says in a document he delivered to the Portuguese King D João. He also affirms that he cut, made punches, and cast the type. Pará Province was a poor place in the 1820s. Certain that printing was important to his country, Madureira built the typeshop without previous knowledge or education, based only on the study of book prints. What makes his work more relevant, besides the construction of the press and other utensils to make the workshop feasible, is the fact that he created punches, made molds, and cast the metal types needed to fulfill his objectives. Madureira never left his home province; he only knew typography from books. There was no metal type, or strikes, or any material the he could use for the task. Orphan, poor, born in the distant Province of Gram-Pará, Madureira is a pioneer in the Brazilian type scene.

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