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God is in the details

When Thu 13 Sep 1200
Where Arenberg Theater
Who Keitaro Sakamoto
Morisawa has been engaged in typography for almost 90 years. Morisawa’s corporate motto is “Contributing to society through typography.” We believe in the power that typefaces have, and we have sought and offered the best solutions for each era. We will talk about universal design and communication design with historical backgrounds from the phototypesetting era that had provided visual tricks to the digital-fonts era where tricks are no longer effective. 1. “Communication ability” that Morisawa pursues a. The phototypesetting machine period: lens accuracy and magnification b. Digitalisation period: UD font 2. The general public and information processing (universal and communication design) a. Dyslexia/low vision (easy to read, easy to understand, hard to mistake) b. Multiple languages (inbound circumstances) c. From school textbooks to business occasions (the era of the increase of information and the rise in consuming speed)

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