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Uncovering Arabic type history, informing design

When Fri 14 Sep 1000
Where Arenberg Theater
Who Emanuela Conidi
Is Arabic typographic history relevant? This question opens an investigation on the Arabic script that discusses how reflecting on type history helps to understand the development of the Arabic script from different points of view. On the other hand, it prompts the establishment of connections to create knowledge that informs the wider community of designers and users of Arabic types. This talk is divided into two parts. The first presents how archive-based research, examination, and cross-referencing of sources are instrumental to effectively uncover Arabic typographic history: this is illustrated through the case study of the Arabic types designed by Robert Granjon for the Medici Press in the 16th century. The second part argues the importance of typographic history to inform the critical assessment of Arabic visual forms, exemplified through the lens of movable metal type technology and its legacy on the structure of the Arabic script.

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