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The missing scripts project

When Fri 14 Sep 1630
Where Arenberg Theater
Who Johannes Bergerhausen, Morgane Pierson
Unicode 11.0 (June 2018) covers exactly 146 writing systems. That’s an important milestone for worldwide communication and typography. But what about the missing scripts? How many of them are still out there? What do they look like? In the first step of the Missing Scripts Project, we developed a typographic overview of all writing systems. Dr. Deborah Anderson from UC Berkeley provided data with all their names, their regions, and timeframes. At ANRT, Nancy, and Hochschule Mainz, we researched and designed a reference glyph for each of these writing systems. In the presentation, we will discuss the question of universal form principles, research of non-Latin systems and the design process of the glyphs. We will show different ways of systematisation of the world’s writing systems and present the outcome. During the conference we will publish a silkscreen poster with 292 glyphs, representing all 292 known writing systems of the world, together with their names, regions, and timeframes. This is a joint project by the Atelier National de Recherche Typographique (ANRT, Nancy, France, the Institut Designlabor Gutenberg (IDG) at Hochschule Mainz, Germany, and the Script Encoding Initiative (SEI) at the Department of Linguistics at UC Berkeley, USA.

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