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Call for presentations

The call for presentations for ATypI 2016 Warsaw closed on April 11, 2016.


The theme of ATypI’s 2016 conference is “Convergence”. The wider design world and mainstream channels increasingly recognise typeface design as a fundamental element in communication, with profound implications for learning, work, and entertainment. We invite attendees to explore the ways in which the typographic community is advancing the field and shaping the future of our interactions with text.

Presenting your talk

We call for presentations that are informative, engaging, and inspiring; we actively seek topics that will provoke debate and contribute to the ATypI spirit of collegial dialogue and exchange. We expect scholarly subjects to be communicated with enthusiasm, and the most entertaining presentation to have a solid intellectual underpinning. We are not merely looking for academic papers to be read aloud—we seek talks that are visually rich and compelling; fascinating and thought provoking. We expect speakers to prepare their presentations with care for the assigned length, and to adhere strictly to the schedule.

Along with welcoming seasoned presenters, we are committed to showcasing new voices—newcomers are encouraged to submit proposals. If you have not previously presented at ATypI, the Programme Committee would be happy to review video of presentations you have made, or any other materials that document your presenting skills (including speaking references). If you do have a video link, please include it with your submission. Presentation videos are not mandatory, but will help the Programme Committee during the review process.


Conference attendees represent the global community of type and typography professionals, students, and enthusiasts from all levels of experience and a variety of fields. We welcome type designers, graphic designers, UX designers, project managers and software engineers, web designers, information designers, researchers, historians, educators, writers, publishers, lettering artists, calligraphers, students, and interested others from around the world.


The official conference language is International English. All submissions, papers, and presentations should be delivered in English.


Each submission must contain a title, a brief description of the proposed presentation (max. 200 words), several keywords, speaker’s name (or list of panelists including moderator), and a speaker’s biography (max. 100 words). If you haven’t presented previously at an ATypI conference, please include links to videos of presentations you may have made, or other materials that document your presenting skills. For demographic purposes, we also request (but do not require) speaker’s gender (M/F). Please specify the type (Education Forum, Technology Forum, Business Forum, Workshop/Tutorial, or General Session) and duration of your proposed session.

Types of sessions


Workshops and tutorials These activities are typically designed for a maximum of 25 participants, and are aimed at typography/design students and practitioners from basic to intermediate levels and beyond. Workshops should be half or full-day sessions (3 or 6 hours).


These sessions will offer an opportunity to focus on specialized topics of interest in a smaller group setting. Multiple tracks will run simultaneously throughout the day.

Education forum Aimed at typography/design educators and researchers, this forum focuses on pedagogical issues, curriculum development, and academic research related to typography. Proposals should focus on educational issues or research outcomes, and avoid case studies of student projects. Presentation length should be 15 or 30 minutes.

Technology forum This forum is aimed at developers, type designers and typographers interested in current and emerging technology. Potential topics include font production technologies and methods, technical standards, traditional and digital publishing, mobile technology, etc. Presentation length should be 15 or 30 minutes.

Business forum This forum is aimed at independent typeface designers, foundries, or those involved in licensing and marketing typefaces. It provides a platform to discuss business matters such as licensing, EULAs, distribution, and marketing. Presentations, discussions, or participatory panels should be 15 or 30 minutes in length.

Workshops and tutorials These activities are typically designed for a maximum of 25 participants, and are aimed at typography/design students and practitioners from basic to intermediate levels and beyond. Workshops should be half or full-day sessions (3 or 6 hours).

DAYS 2–4

General session The single-track component of the programme, ATypI’s general session runs over three days. The default time for these presentations is 20 minutes. The programme committee may grant longer time slots on a case-by-case basis. Presentations may be on a specific topic on type and typography. This programming is aimed at graphic design practitioners, educators, and researchers with intermediate to advanced knowledge in typography, type design, and related disciplines.

Programme committee

All proposals will be read by the 2016 Programme Committee, which is composed of select representatives from the Warsaw local committee and ATypI board members and staff. To assist potential ATypI speakers in shaping their presentations, Programme Committee members may suggest amendments to proposals or requested time slots.

The call for presentations closed April  11, 2016.

We are using Dryfta to manage our submissions and review process this year. Please visit for instructions, then sign up for a user account. Once you're logged in, click SUBMIT AN ABSTRACT to create and submit your presentation proposal.

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