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GRANSHAN Competition Results 2015

GRANSHAN celebrates the diversity and richness of typographic scripts that underpin global communication, empower communities, and define identity. It combines complexity with uniqueness, cultural technique with heritage and the power of local and international scripts. This exhibition shows the results of the competition and how the beauty of language can flourish in script. The impressive diversity and variety of script exemplify the importance of its local identities. The 8th GRANSHAN Competition exploits once more the enormous potential of Non-Latin Typefaces.



The TDC62 exhibition of the world’s best typographic design of 2016 is coming to ATypI, Warsaw! It will include the 19th annual Typeface Design Competition, TDC2016, which received nearly 200 entries from 35 countries, with thirteen winning typefaces representing ten countries.


Type Design Studio at the University of Arts in Poznań Student Exhibition

The exhibition is an overview  of students works created over the years in Type Design Studio at University of Arts in Poznań, many of which were designed as BA and MA diploma projects. The scope spread from individual, experimental, single-style display typefaces to large information and text type families, supporting different writing systems.

Dialogue with educators and practitioners would be an opportunity to review current situation in type design practice and education in Poland, as well as the dynamics of its changes in recent years. Type Design Studio is run at the University of Arts in Poznań, by Professor Krzysztof Kochnowicz and Assistant Viktoriya Grabowska.



Symbolic exhibition presenting graphic atmosphere in the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Outstanding artists and works connected to the Faculty of Graphic which in its history had enormous international significance. The exhibition will include posters of best artists and projects of younger teachers and PhD students.

Curated by Justyna Czerniakowska, Ola Kot



Student's part of the exhibition. Selected graphic design diplomas of graduates from the Faculty of Graphic, awarded at competitions and reviews in this field. We will present projects with dominant role of the letters, as a component of not only literary information but also visual meaning.

Curated by Justyna Czerniakowska, Ola Kot


Uneasy Alphabet. 
Typography by Bogdan Żochowski

The exhibition consisting of eight boards in format A0 introducing the work of Polish typographer and art director Bogdan Żochowski.

Apart from his typefaces, there will be presented examples illustrating visual communication based on the letterforms years before typography has become the equivalent of the images in editorial design.

A series of posters will contain excerpts from real gems of typography and lettering in the Polish editorial design in the 60s and 70s: Alfa, Literatura magazines, and especially from the legendary Ty i Ja magazine, in which Bogdan Żochowski with his wife Elżbieta (the successors of Roman Cieślewicz) deconstructed not only capitalist form of pop culture (mix of consumerism and visual marketing) but, in truly beautiful way, revealed the unbearable lightness of being.

Assembled by Marek Knap
Curated by Maciej Buszewicz, Marek Knap



Exhibition is presenting typefaces designed by graphic designers connected with The Faculty of Graphic in The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. We would like to show fonts that are already available in the distribution as well as those that hasn't gained yet broad recognition within public. The exhibition is an overview of determined attitude towards letters – this builds climate and character linked to Warsaw environment. 

Curated by Marek Knap, Mateusz Machalski


Monotype Exhibition: The Next Generation of Type

Visit our special exhibition featuring three future superstars of type design and typography. Located just outside the main lobby in the break area.

Polina Hobonova,  Black Pencil Winner, 2016 D&AD New Blood Awards. Retro Serif is a project about the revival of abolished Russian glyphs.

Neil Bennison, Yellow Pencil Winner, 2016 D&AD New Blood Awards. Protecting Pubs campaign uses typography to encourage people to save their beloved local pubs from large developers

Ania Wieluńska, 2016 TDC Beatrice Warde Scholarship Winner.  See her typefaces Gelato Sans, Gelato Rust, Musso and Bumelant


Text Message
Plein-air exhibition of typographic posters at PJAIT

The main inspiration for the Text Message project was the word ‘convergence’, which is the theme of the ATypI 2016 in Warsaw conference.
‘Convergence’ can be interpreted in many ways, but in general, it means to come from different directions and meet at one point. This meaning was the starting point for a discussion on communication in the field of graphic design, as well as the beginning of a journey into the area of communication between Poland and France, between the objective and the relative, and finally between the word and the image.

More than 100 students from three Polish and French universities took part in all stages of the project. Firstly, students of the Typography Studio at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology (PJAIT) in Warsaw recorded short video messages,
which were later shown to their French counterparts. French students from École intuit.lab in Paris and Aix-en-Provence responded to those messages in a form of a typographic poster. Next, a different group of Polish students from PJAIT in Warsaw and Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (UMCS) in Lublin analyzed those artistic interactions and summarized their chosen one in a form of a graphic work.
The students created varied, often surprising interpretations of the same message and the graphic creativity proved to be diverse despite the limitations of the fonts and colours, which were set out in the beginning of the project.
Text Message also allowed for consideration of various interesting issues, which altogether led to the conclusion that what is ‘between’ should always serve as a link and connect rather than divide.

The Plein-air Exhibition will present 70 selected posters from the Text Message project and will take place in September and October at the PJAIT in Warsaw.

More about the project:




The Living Book

A book, along with a picture (painted, drawn, photographed or made in graphic techniques), along with a sculpture (as an object seen from the outside from different angles - spacious), architectural work (an object seen not only from the outside but also from the inside), film (a linear sequence of pictures of all types and made in any technique), became a commonly accepted FORM of work of art. Sequencing is at its core: SUCCESSION and RETURN. A book determines order of time and simultaneously it enables reversing it.
A book is also a symbol of continuation and knowledge. The art of book combines various fields, it is often believed that it grows out of tradition of print and graphic arts, though we know very well that books used to be made of stone, wood, iron, written and drawn manually, copied and unique. At the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw books have always been a challenge for imagination, realized in practically all departments, including painting, drawing and multimedia. The exhibition presents various ways of approaching a book and shaping its from. Three generations of artists active at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw meet at the exhibition to remind that a struggle between a book with non-book is a vivid artistic phenomenon.

Opening 16 September 2016, 18:00
Exhibition open from 16.09 till 31.10 (mon-fri 12 pm -6 pm)
Salon Akademii Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Krakowskie Przedmieście street (entrance from Traugutta street)