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Warsaw Types

Experimental workshops on urban typography
When Thu 15 Sep 1030
Where Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw ASP
What Track A
Warsaw Types is a series of typographic research and design workshops, taking place in

2016 in Warsaw. We are creating 12 new typefaces, based on the Warsaw’s local urban typography. The resulting fonts will be made available for free on the Open Font License. The Warsaw Types team comprises of 12 young Polish type designers, guided by mentors – the top most experienced Polish typographers and design researchers.

Our goal is to create new fonts, based on the local lettering heritage, that until now, has gone largely unexplored. The process includes a thorough field and archive research, and a series of lectures and meetings with typographic practitioners. In the longer terms, we also want to develop a research and design methodology, so that we could repeat this project in other cities around the world.

During the AtypI conference, we would like to make a premiere presentation of the fonts resulting from Warsaw Types, and talk about the project. We also hope to answer some pertinent questions: Do cities actually have a unique typographic flavour? How can vernacular lettering become a fresh resource of design inspiration? And how can typographers contribute to improvement of the quality of urban space?

Watch video of this talk here

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