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Text in need

When Thu 15 Sep 1455
Where Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw ASP
What Track A
Who Sonja Knecht
People communicate because they have to. We all have to send messages out to the world, of any kind whatsoever, at least once in a while, professionally or private. We use text out of need. And the wonder is, if you are a natural born writer or not: most of the results are truly beautiful. The best texts seem to come into existence under stressful circumstances – because we need something, long for something, lack or lost something. (The same goes for companies.) Texts in need are authentic and credible. They function in style and structure, and sometimes they even display excellent typography. So, the more pressure, the better the results? Do we instinctively know how to address our topics if they are urgent? Do we find the right words just because we need to? Sonja will procure evidence of her theory, sharing samples from art and literature, corporate communications and the streets of Berlin.

Watch video of this talk here

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