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Designing young readers through typography

Ciciban, a children magazine published in the socialist state with capitalist aspirations. Illustrated history with occasional ironic twist from a critical perspective
When Thu 15 Sep 1230
Where Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw ASP
What Track A
Who Petra Cerne Oven

Ciciban is a Slovenian children magazine. It is an example of excellent editorial, typographical and publishing achievement unparalleled by any of the later examples. Through the 70-year long history Ciciban served as a driving force of education and enlightened emancipation of “little people” through rich typography, excellent illustrations and high level of interactivity.

Rooted in contemporary society, issues were highly influenced by cultural changes and nuances in political regime. In the aftermath of the WW2 topics predominantly reflected national (Yugoslav) consciousness, bravery of partisans and commitment to Tito’s agenda. This was replaced with topics such as technology and science running in parallel with stories and poetry. Articles highlighted everyday concerns of children, and very early on they started to tackle less common topics of gender equality, nature preservations etc. It was a modern changing world presented to children through fun.

Today Ciciban is a showcase of the crème de la crème of Slovenian illustrators, but important lessons and inspirations can be drawn also from the printing and typography. Why? Through typography the convergence of aforementioned fields and topics was made possible.

The urging question for contemporary designers is how to continue with the same energy, sharpness and excellency.

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