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A Bigger Pie

A Panel Discussion on Getting More People to Buy More Type
When Fri 16 Sep 1510
Where Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw ASP
What Track A
Who Matthew Rechs, Andrej Kratky, Bill Davis, Joyce Ketterer, Indra Kupferschmid
Many of the most successful type designers enjoy increasingly diversified sources of revenue, from sales of perpetual licenses through e-commerce resellers, library subscription services, and trial/rental services. But a heated debate is ongoing in the type community around how different approaches to licensing creates or destroys value for type designers. 

We'll examine the unique advantages and disadvantages of different licensing approaches, share some success stories, and take on the toughest criticism the ATypI community has to offer. 

Some topics we'll discuss:

- Subscription library services offer a large selection of type at a relatively low cost. Does this create or destroy value in the type industry? 

- Deep discounting of type surely drives sales value. But does it also send the wrong message to our customers?

- What are some of the unexplored frontiers of opportunity for getting people to buy more type?

 Panelists include Matthew Rechs (Adobe), Andrej Kratky (Fontstand), Joyce Ketterer (Darden Studio), Ethan Dunham (FontSpring) and Bill Davis (Monotype), moderated by Indra Kupferschmid.

Watch video of this talk here

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