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The stencilled poster in Paris in the 19th century

When Sat 17 Sep 0930
Where Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw ASP
What Track A
Who Eric Kindel, Pierre Pane-Farre
Accounts of early posters, public notices, and announcements describe various methods used in their production: hand lettering, wood block and letterpress printing, or lithographic printing. Hand lettering was often applied directly to walls or other suitable surfaces, while printing was usually done on paper or card, which was then displayed. But among these well known methods of poster making and display is another that is absent from most accounts, and perhaps all. That method is stencilling. Evidence for early stencilled posters (largely composed of words) is presently found in Paris around the beginning of the nineteenth century. The practice appears to have emerged from French stencilled work of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, whose often delicate, demur, and decorative qualities were simplified and scaled up to the pushier and more gregarious context of advertising. Drawing on surviving artefacts, accounts, and regulatory texts, this presentation will define the stencilled poster relative to other poster-making methods, and review its technical, aesthetic, and functional features. The presentation will include analyses of topographical views of Paris recorded in the middle decades of the nineteenth century showing stencilled posters in situ.

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