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Introducing Metapolator

When Wed 14 Sep 1620
Where NiNA1: Technology
What Track A
Who Lasse Fister
The Metapolator project aims to lead the convergence of the crafts of type design and the typography. Its bold product vision matches the ambition of its technical development. Peter (interaction architect) will reveal how Metapolator brings fresh new ideas to type design tools, demystify parametric type design, and demonstrate the new workflows that Metapolator makes possible. Lasse (lead developer) will explain how the underlying "Atem" technologies began with the Open Web Platform's CSS and DOM concepts, and how they are useful beyond Metapolator for other kinds of design. Everything has been made in JavaScript, and you will see the current state of Metapolator tools, and learn about the roadmap ahead.

Watch video of this talk here

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