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Supporting East Asian Web fonts with Dynamic Augmentation

When Wed 14 Sep 1640
Where NiNA1: Technology
What Track A
Who Gregor Kaplan

In 2015 Typekit launched support for East Asian Web fonts using a technology called Dynamic Augmentation (DA). DA allows Typekit to generate font subsets then add in additional font content without data loss or the need to redownload a fully formed subset when content changes via user actions such as form fields, comment areas, or navigates to a new page as well as automated processes such as RSS feeds.

This talk proposes to investigate the nature of text generally, how computers store and render it, and how those things relate to fonts. We use fonts everyday. We see them everywhere. But what is a font? How are they built? How can the structure of the data be manipulated to produce a losses, efficient mechanism to add content on the fly and eliminate performance impacts. Partly a personal story, partly an investigation of the inner workings of fonts, font data and OpenType features, Kaplan will talk about how fonts really work and how Typekit’s Dynamic Augmentation system delivers fonts for the East Asian market. Audience members learn about the basics of text encoding, how it translates into font data structure and how Typekit and other font services work server end users.

Watch video of this talk here

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