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Versatile Type Design for the Web

When Wed 14 Sep 1700
Where NiNA1: Technology
What Track A
Who Louis-Remi Babe

The history of type design and font technologies has been driven by the need to simplify font creation and composition, and lately by the need to adapt fonts to their context. This has lead to the creation of super-families based on numerous masters interpolated to create dozens of variants. Although this approach is the most successful so far, it is a very time-consuming one, and its granularity is only chosen by the type designer. Designers and developers have been working together for decades to find an alternative approach. The aim of parametric type design is to build a single master, and let its shape be influenced manually by the input of the end-user (the graphic designer), or automatically by the its context.

In this talk we will present the results of our experiments to create parametric typefaces for the application Prototypo, and the possibilities our tools and the Web offers to adapt fonts to their context.

Watch video of this talk here

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