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Four categories in type classification: a strategy to organize type material for graphic designers

When Wed 14 Sep 0950
Where NiNA2: Education & Business
What Track B
Who Jesus Barrientos
There are a lot of subjects around typography, whether to learn how to design type or how to design with type; one of particular complexity is type classification, not only to learn it but to know the goods that can come for graphic designers by its understanding. In type classification we find cases that may go from impractical simplicity to systems so intricate that are hard to get. Each and every one of these seems to require good memory, and at risk of keeping the user away from fully comprehension, sometimes for the high level of expertise of those classifications and sometimes for the abstract concepts employed to describe typographic style. I propose a strategy of categorization instead of classification divided in four classes: serif, sans serif, lettering and decorative. This categories can also show ranks from its functions of text and title and further describe their composition characteristics. If graphic designers classify their own type libraries through this criteria, it could be easier to know, group, select and choose the ideal font for design projects.

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