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Digitalization of the Demotic Script from the middle part of the text on Rosetta Stone

When Wed 14 Sep 1130
Where NiNA2: Education & Business
What Track B
Who Irena Ristevska
The main thematic in this project is the digitalisation process of the demotic script (old script from Rosetta Stone). Typographic process have been included, in which the characters were given a contemporary design, adapted for today’s use in various technical and graphic applications. The main aim of this project is the determination of the typographic tone value and the effect of its character’s differentiation among all groups. Demotic Script represents a syllabic script. Every glyph is defined as combination of one consonant and vowel. The whole amount of digitalized glyphs is around 500 and among them we have defined three groups of characters: majuscule (consisting from asymmetric, symmetric and specific glyphs), minuscule and ligatures. The most important characters in the demotic script are the ligatures, which can be defined as combination from 2-3 glyphs and they can be combined in a sequence (horizontally) or one above the other (vertically). The main idea behind this presentation is to give more precise and accurate description of the visual analysis of the digitalized characters of the demotic script. The presentation would be consisted of sketches, the initial idea, digitalization of the characters, programming the characters and testing the characters with different applications.

Watch video of this talk here

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