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Earning a living

When Wed 14 Sep 1420
Where NiNA2: Education & Business
What Track B
Who Bruno Maag
It’s great starting out when you are fresh out of your design course, or MA in Type Design. You are full of enthusiasm, you brim with ideas, and you know that you will have the next killer typeface. You are ready! You go out, you network, you quote for a job, you get the work, you draw, you meet, you support. You put your heart and soul into it, time and again. You get paid, most likely late (and not at all in some instances), and you think your bank balance looks great for a change. You feel good. You did quite a few jobs and everyone in the industry congratulated you. You are confident, and then you do the accounts. It dawns on you that maybe you didn’t quite charge enough for your work. Understanding how much life costs is important to getting your pricing right. Talking from hard earned experience Bruno will list all the things that are needed to understand how to price, from fixed costs to keeping up with competition, and how to be able to have enough money left to buy presents for your loved ones.

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