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A Proposal for a Common EULA

When Wed 14 Sep 1640
Where NiNA2: Education & Business
What Track B
Who CJ Dunn

The type industry has long been in need of a common EULA. Especially for type design students and small type foundries who have fairly straightforward needs, hiring a lawyer to “reinvent the wheel” for a EULA doesn’t seem necessary. A common EULA may also benefit type users, but my focus is primarily on the benefits for independent typeface designers.

Questions I will explore include: Is there actually a common, shared set of needs that type designers have for their EULA? How could a common EULA accommodate the varied and changing needs of type designers globally, including technologies that haven’t been invented yet? I will discuss possible solutions, for instance using web-based collaborative tools like google docs or gitHub, and including options which anyone can modify to suit their own needs. I am not proposing which specific legal language to use or which options should be included. This is not a finished solution, but rather a framework, a starting point and a proof of concept for one path forward. Finally I will outline what I think needs to happen on a community level for this to become a working solution how it can evolve over time.

Watch video of this talk here

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