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ATypI Barcelona 2014

ATypI welcomes you to its annual Type Conference to be held in Barcelona from 17th to 21st September 2014.

The main conference has sold out. Some places for technical days and workshops are still available.

Barcelona is a nexus of communication. For centuries it has been a crossroads of civilizations, bringing together different cultures and languages in a rich dialogue of language, form, and ideas. Design is a central element of the city's identity, expressed through the strong visual textures of the environment as much as by the vibrant, outgoing design community.

Typographic dialogues
Typography and type design are at the core of graphic communication. As communication design expands in scope and reach to new reading environments and new communities, our theme — “Typographic dialogues” — invites exploration of the relationships between all aspects of typographic design. From research in the history of typography to innovations in information design and the latest developments in multi-script communication, we welcome proposals that consider the richness of these relationships and further our understanding.