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Call for presentations

ATypI invites submissions of lectures, demonstrations and workshops for presentation at its 2015 conference in São Paulo, 14 –17 October 2015.

The theme of ATypI's 2015 conference is “Challenges”, which invites attendees to explore not only the many challenges faced in contemporary type design and visual communication, but also strategies for how we might best address them – how we challenge the obvious and strive toward innovation. Insights on type-related issues are welcomed from educational, technological, historical and practical perspectives.

Presenting your talk
We call for presentations that are informative, engaging, and inspiring. We expect scholarly subjects to be communicated with enthusiasm, and even the most entertaining presentation to have a solid intellectual underpinning. We look forward to talks that are visually rich and compelling, fascinating and thought provoking. We expect speakers to prepare their presentations with care for the assigned length, and to adhere strictly to the schedule.

If you have not presented at ATypI before, the Committee would welcome any links to videos of presentations you may have made, or other material that could document your presenting skills (please include these with your bio). 

Conference attendees represent the global community, type and typography professionals, students, and enthusiasts. They include type designers, graphic designers, project managers and software engineers, web designers, information designers, researchers, historians, educators, writers, publishers, lettering artists, and calligraphers from around the world.

The official conference language is International English. All submissions, papers and presentations should be delivered in English.

A submission must contain a title, a brief description (200 words maximum) of the proposed presentation, a small number of keywords, and a speaker’s biography (100 words maximum). Please specify the type and duration of the session.

Kinds of sessions

Day 1

The sessions will offer an opportunity to focus on specialized topics that may be of interest to a smaller, focused group of people. Sessions will run simultaneously during this day.

Education forum
Aimed at typography/design educators and researchers, this forum focuses on pedagogical issues, curriculum development, and academic research related to typography. Proposals should focus on educational issues or research outcomes, and avoid case studies of student projects. Presentations should be of 10 or 20 minutes.

Technology forum
This forum is aimed at developers, type designers and typographers interested in current and emerging technology. Potential topics include font production technologies and methods, technical standards, traditional and digital publishing, mobile technology, etc. Presentations should be of 20 or 40 minutes.

Workshops and tutorials
Activities with a maximum of 25 participants, aimed at typography/design students and practitioners at basic to intermediate levels. Workshops should be half or full-day (3 or 6 hours). 

Days 2-4 

There is only a single track during these three days and the default time for presentations is 20 minutes. The programme committee may grant longer slots to lectures on a case-by-case basis. Presentations can be on a specific topic on type and typography directed at graphic design practitioners, educators, and researchers with intermediate to advanced knowledge in typography, type design and related disciplines.

Programme Committee
All abstracts will be read by the Programme Committee, which is formed by selected guests and ATypI Board members. They may suggest amendments to proposals or offer a time slot different to the one requested.

Submission dates
Submissions due:  14 March, 2015
Notification date:  18 April, 2015