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Exhibitions at BAU

TDC60 Exhibition

Details TBA.


16 September - 10 October 2014
BAU, Design College of Barcelona
c/ Pujades, 118
08005 Barcelona

*23'56: Continental type height according to the Didot system expressed in mm.

What is the point of letterpress printing in the XXI century? Probably none, but still, we can find persistent printers and stubborn typographers using this ancient technique inherited from Gutenberg and his successors over five hundred years ago.

This exhibition shows a small representative view of the work of some fighters of this noble lead's profession...


Del 16 de septiembre al 10 de octubre de 2014

BAU, Centro Universitario de Diseño de Barcelona
c/ Pujades, 118
08005 Barcelona

*23'56: Altura tipográfica continental según el sistema Didot expresada en mm.

¿Qué sentido tiene imprimir con tipos móviles de madera y plomo en pleno siglo XXI? Probablemente ninguno, pero aún así a lo largo de nuestra geografía nos encontramos con impresores perseverantes, tipógrafos pertinaces obstinados en seguir usando las técnicas atávicas legadas por Gutenberg y sus sucesores hace más de quinientos años.

Esta exposición muestra una pequeña visión representativa del trabajo de estos fieles combatientes del noble oficio del plomo, la letra y la tinta…

Exhibitions at the Museu del Disseny

Making news: type technologies in transition in newspapers across the world

An exhibition of material from the Non-Latin Type Collection, Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading.

This exhibition of newspapers, dating from the early twentieth century up to the present, visually encapsulates the transition of newspaper composition methods from metal to digital type. The selected documents, drawn from the Non-Latin Type Collection at the University of Reading, exhibit the textual representation of a wide range of languages for the dissemination of news during a period that witnessed profound technological changes in composing and type-making practices. The exhibition is co-curated by Fiona Ross and Vaibhav Singh.

Exhibition of the Granshan 2013 competition.
6th International Type Design Competition for Non-Latin Typefaces

Exhibition of the Granshan 2013 competition. 6th International Type Design Competition for Non-Latin Typefaces

Side exhibitions

10 years of the Master of Advanced Typography at EINA.

Curator: Enric Jardí

Description: This exhibition will show a panoramic overview of the Master in Advanced Typography. This will be not just a selection of the best students work but a timeline depicting the how this course has become the most relevant course of typography in Spain.

It will be a big picture that make comprehensible the course outline. It will contain teachers descriptions of each subject and its goals, teaching experiences, and calligraphy, lettering, typography and page design work.

Dates: 19 September – 10 October

Place and contact:
Exhibition Hall EINA Espai Barra de Ferro
Carrer Barra de Ferro, 2
08003 Barcelona, +34 93 295 58 62
Open Monday to Saturday from 16h to 20h