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Learning by lettering

When Thu 18 Sep 1125
Where BAU Design College
Who Martina Flor

The amount of time that a type design project take and the specific knowledge it requires seems to be the reason why most of designers are not even daring to approach it. Since the bulk of work is often smaller, Lettering turns out to be a more accesible piece of specialised knowledge that deals with letters too. By working with a lettering piece students can learn general concepts on type design in a much more appealing way and explore the design parametres within a more economical process. My presentation will give an overview on the experience collected from holding workshops across europe for the past 4 years with my project and will show how lettering can be a more friendly approach to deal with type. The 30 minutes presentation will include my own personal teaching method in sketching letterforms and show how it can contribute to form designers with a sharper eye for typography as well as providing a better undestanding of their design process. The talk will include 30 seconds video demonstrations, student work and a set of “top tips” to improve the work flow when working with letterforms.

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