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Looking for Roots

When Thu 18 Sep 1540
Where BAU Design College
Who Domen Fras

Despite the importance of the reproduced word growing, it seems that type-design education
has faced some problems recently. This is particularly evident if we examine the scope of the small and fairly recent yet fruitful Slovenian type scene without tradition in type-design education. Most educators come from practice, with less teoretical background. Apart from two books on the history of typography and micro typography, there is no relevant textbook on type-design in Slovene. In times of information confusion we try to keep a clean and relevant reading list, mostly from foreign sources. The interest in type-design at the BA level is high, the students are willing to learn, but we have not set firm starting points yet. Therefore I would like to rethink whether our approach to type-design within “Tipo Brda“ workshops and within the courses taught at the University of Ljubljana – including basic letter drawing, well-known principles of calligraphy, the theory of the stroke, the double-pencil method, parametric design, modular type, type-talks, reading/writing, use of type-design applications, etc. – produces competitive outcomes. I will evaluate our specific teaching/learning issues in the context of looking for much needed roots to be put into the core of a future type-design education programme. keywords: Slovenian type scene teaching type-design relevant sources approach workshops and courses education programme

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