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TYPO TAPAS Cárnicas Gráficas

When Fri 19 Sep 1250
Where Museu del Disseny
Who Andreu Balius Planelles

Cárnicas Gráficas (Butcher’s artwork) is a (typo) graphic collection of Butcher’s wrapping papers used to wrap hamburgers, sausages, chicken breast, beef steak, and any sort of meat. The graphic art of these wrapping papers include references to popular culture such naive images of happy animals dancing in the countryside or pigs working as sausage deliverers on a motorcycle. These papers have a double function: wrap and protect meat from the butcher shop to your fridge and, secondly, it gives the reference details of the shop (name and commercial brand, telephone number, address,…) in a nice non-professional graphic appealing. They include customized greasy typefaces, sausage lettering and other beef flavored faces. A collection like that has never been done in Spain, so far. And contributes to the Spanish popular design legacy. Not recommended for orthodox vegetarians.

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