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The art of typographic matchmaking

When Sat 20 Sep 1040
Where Museu del Disseny
Who Azza Alameddine

In the multilingual world we live in, we come across a lot of typographic matchmaking. Whether it's for a hand-painted shop sign in India or a brand with bilingual typeface in the Gulf, the Latin script always seems to have to mingle with the local one. Eventually, the results are often unpleasant because designers do not understand how each script behaves. Aesthetically, one always seems to impose its rules on the other. In this presentation I will talk about the art of typographic matchmaking. Why do we need to match-make in the first place and how can we make two scripts live in harmony without compromising aesthetics or legibility? I will give examples of existing matchmaking projects and suggest improvements so the audience can understand better about the methodology. The main goal is to bring awareness to graphic and type designers about the importance of studying the scripts and researching the culture they are catering for, in order for people to feel that the the letters are really speaking to them.

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