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Designing a Large Multilingual Typeface

When Sat 20 Sep 1430
Where Museu del Disseny
Who Masataka Hattori, Ryoko Nishizuka, Taro Yamamoto

The characteristics of designing a large multilingual font, to include the typeface-design issues that are faced, are not yet widely understood today. Such fonts are relatively new, especially for some regions. This presentation is intended to help shed light on some key concepts that need careful analysis and planning when designing glyphs for multiple language and scripts, along with any glyph variations, intended for a compact digital font that is useful for users in multiple regions, which include: 1) the definition of a unified set of characters for different regions in the world; 2) identification of region-specific glyph variations that cannot be unified, mainly due to subtle differences in regional conventions; and 3) issues in designing a single typeface with good design consistency by a team composed of multiple type foundries.

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