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TYPE BEER Opening party

When Wed 17 Sep 1930

All conference participants are invited to join a beer tasting party at Barcelona's famous Estrella Damm Factory.

About the Estrella Damm Factory:

In the Spring of 1872, August Kuentzmann Damm and his wife, Melanie, left their native Alsace because of the Franco-Prussian War.

Like many immigrants of their time, they chose Barcelona.  In Alsace, towards the end of the 18th Century, people were already talking of the opportunities offered by Mediterranean countries.  Their climate.  Their food.  Their quality of life. A group of countries which, at that time, were living the giddy days of modernism.

In 1876, August founded his beer company in order to continue doing what he had always done: produce beer, which is exactly what his children and grandchildren after him continued to do.  Right up to the present day, eleven generations of Master Brewers.

After more than 130 years and eleven generations of Master Brewers, we continue to produce our beer with the same excitement as we did the first time Estrella left our factory.

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