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From hot-metal to OpenType – the type design process for world scripts

Exhibition Hall, Pao Yue-kong Library, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

This exhibition uses materials from the Non-Latin Type Collection at the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication to illustrate the design process for the typographic representation of many of the world's scripts. The selected artefacts, which date from 1884 to 2012, exhibit the various methods of type design during the different eras of type-making and type-setting, from hot-metal type to current digital font formats, in over thirteen non-Latin scripts. The exhibits include original letter-drawings and related material that reveal design decisions in conjunction with technical considerations that played a significant role in shaping the means of visual communication in non-Latin writing-systems up to the present day.  Building on the smaller exhibition shown at ATypI in 2011, this exhibition shows unique resources that, with a few exceptions, have never been exhibited before outside the University of Reading.

The exhibition is co-curated by Dr Fiona Ross and Mr Vaibhav Singh. Professor Paul Luna will give guided talks about the provenance of the materials exhibited, the holdings of the Non-Latin Type Collection and the use of primary sources for research and typographic practice today.