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An advanced stroke-based font technology to incubate creative styles and speed up development of Chinese fonts

When Thu 11 Oct 0930
Where Presentations
Who Jeff Wu

1. A set of Chinese fonts includes thousands of characters that font companies need to invest lots of human resource and time to develop. It restricts the production speed and variety, which is detrimental for both font companies and consumers.

2. Developed with the characteristic of written stroke by stroke of Chinese characters, stroke-based font technology uses hundreds of strokes to compose thousands of Chinese characters. The technology takes the advanced strokes drawing method and system to produce TrueType or OpenType fonts and elaborate the advantage of light data volume to adopt on different systems or devices.

3. Traditionally, scanning calligraphic drafts (font masters) to modify on computers or certain font making software were used to design and develop new fonts. Stroke-based technology is a way to speed up development and reduce the cost of human source. More new font styles could be created for users to choose by modifying the shapes and width of these hundreds of strokes.

4. The system could not only be adopted for in-house font development but also for personal online font producing system service, so that everyone could create their exclusive fonts easily.

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