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Libre autohinting for web fonts
When Thu 11 Oct 1125
Where Presentations
Who Dave Crossland, Eben Sorkin

Hinting TrueType fonts can be a slow and expensive process, but it is required by Windows XP, and many fonts lack good hinting totally because they are converted to TrueType from OpenType-CFF. FreeType is libre font rendering software used in many phones, tablets and other computers, that autohints TrueType fonts during its rendering process.

In 2010 Dave Crossland suggested the idea of building out FreeType's rendering system into an autohinter to Werner Lemberg, the primary developer of FreeType. Werner made a prototype thanks to financial support from the Google Web Fonts team, and it produced results that received some warm attention from professional type designers. Eben Sorkin has been continuously involved in its development since, and integrated it into
his foundry's daily working practices.

Werner is now working full time on the project while seeking financial support from the wider typography community to continue this work. He has raised over $30,000, and supporters include Google Web Fonts, Extensis WebINK, FontLab, and many individual type designers.

Eben and Dave's talk shows the quality of hinting that ttfautohint produces today and outlines the roadmap for the future. This little program is set to improve the quality of web typography!

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